Summer Term 1

Following a really great first term together in Lawrence, I am really excited and looking forward to seeing you all again soon.

We have lots of wonderful lessons planned for you as always, but here is a little taste of things to come.

Below is a YouTube link that will give you a good introduction for our upcoming Maths lessons. Our focus for the next few weeks is decimals and I am confident we will be brilliant as always.

In English we are looking at “a meeting tale” and the book we are reading together is shown below…

Here are a couple of questions we will be asking when you return, so why not have a look at them and come up with some answers for when we get back.

  • What will this book be about? Why does the cover make you think this?
  • What does the title tell you?

Finally, here is a copy of the spelling words that will be tested on Friday 26th April in the morning. The focus is adding the suffix-ion and remember your revision techniques (read – cover – write – check)

Enjoy the rest of your holiday, enjoy all the chocolate and see you all again soon.

Mr Donovan

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