Only One You

Today has been all about the fabulous story ‘Only one you’. In the story it tells us the importance of being an individual.

The whole school have been involved in an art project! Each child in the school has designed and painted their own individual pebble. This is symbolic of the fish in the story ‘Only one you’.

This morning we chose a base colour for our pebbles. We then very carefully painted them to make sure most of the pebble was covered. We left them to dry and added an extra coat of paint if needed.

After playtime, we designed our very own pebble creation. We made sure to use our own individual ideas so we can identify them amongst every other child’s in our school.

Once we were happy with our designs we carefully painted the design onto our pebbles.

Below is a picture of the amazing masterpieces we have created. It has been a wonderful day and we cannot wait to see the final project finished.


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