Thank you

Hey #TeamCoggins!


First of all, I want to say a huge thank you for the last few weeks. It has been a pleasure being your teacher. I cannot wait for tomorrow morning’s alarm, and seeing you guys again. You are all incredible people that I am grateful to know. We have a busy week of learning: Fab-Finale Chinese Restaurants, Maths Mission, CAP money workshop, our final swimming session, and finishing of our Shang Dynasty theme! BOOM, bring it on!


I started reading a new book. It’s hard going, but I am going to keep up with it. It’s about conciousness:

The book called – Seeing Red: A STUDY IN CONSCIOUSNESS, by Nicholas Humphrey.

So far, I have learnt and thought about how much we think about ourselves – what impact do we have? Food for thought…



A final thought team awesome… well a final song…

At a previous school I taught at, we loved this song, and well, I still do… it always make me smile 🙂 Gary Barlow & The Commonwealth Band featuring Military Wives


See you tomorrow team #awesome


PS. A cool picture as always…




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