so many opportunities…

Lucy- First aid and CPR training was interesting today. We learnt skills for life.

Oakley- I enjoyed finding the caterpillars today in our outdoor learning science enquiry day today.

Mary-Jean I enjoyed writing our horror stories in English.

Logan- Iā€™m enjoying not having to revise for our Sats so I can chill out more.

Antonia- I enjoyed the atmosphere of writing our horror stories in English.

Chloe- I enjoyed having our visitors this week.

Erin- I enjoyed my treats in my achiever of the fortnight break time morning tea.

We are all looking forward to our restaurant next week and hope lots of people will come along to it!


One thought on “so many opportunities…

  1. Sounds like you had a very busy week, Gravestock! I would love to read some of your horror stories sometime. I’m looking forward to seeing what delicious dishes you cook in your restaurant this week!
    Miss Davies šŸ™‚

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