The Papaya that spoke

The Papaya that spoke is our new favourite story. We have had so much fun retelling the story of the papaya and have even uploaded some of these videos to our Showbie portfolios.


Please feel free to sign into your child’s portfolio to have a look.

2 thoughts on “The Papaya that spoke

  1. Lily enjoyed telling me some of the story and typing it up with my help to her Showbie portfolio. I will look forward to investigating further 🙂

  2. Hi horrell
    Hope you all are good
    Sorry I did not comment on the blog because I had to do lots of stuff here like home work.
    I am sure “the papaya that spoke” is a lovely book to read. In oakway I am having great fun but I miss windmill.Here in oakway we do lots of stuff like on Wednesday we were talking about peace and had small yin and yang sheets so that on one side we coloured it as peace and other not peace today we painted them in big sheets.

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