Division Dudes and Divas

This week Horrell have been busy in Maths focusing on division. Although this has been a challenge topic Horrell have shown great resilience and ambition. We have used the part part whole method to help us with dividing 2 or 3 digit numbers by 1- digit numbers. Cameron thinks that the part part whole model helps us to break down the question so we can do it in our head. Nicola thinks the division unit has been a challenge this week but we used a variety of methods to help us.

Leah is proud of the the progress which is being made during the panto rehearsal. Finley has tried his hardest to learn all of his lines and will continue to do so at home. Cameron believes the sense of unity is improving in the hall during rehearsals.

Amelia is very proud of her times tables test, 20/20. Well done! She has continued to try her hardest within and outside of school and her attitude towards learning has flourished this week.

We have also been trying really hard during handwriting, beginning to join our letters and words in our work, especially within our English lessons.

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