‘What’s inside Horrell’s Classroom?’

Horrell have had a brilliant week beginning their new topic Awesome Authors focusing on CS Lewis’ The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe novel. During DT lessons the children have been designing their own packaging for Turkish Delights (Chapter 5) in which they have chosen specific colours to appeal to a target audience. Horrell have tried Turkish Delights and Amelia was really proud of the children who challenged themselves to try a piece. During our Wow Day Horrell created their own creation of Mr Tumnus from the description in the book and Nicola was very proud of all of the art work created.

Horrell have also been really busy working on a new unit in maths- Fractions which at first appeared somewhat challenging. However Horrell have been resilient and have consolidated their learning through their amazing attitude and resilience. Jason and Finley now understand that 10 hundredths = 1 tenth. Faith has also developed her knowledge of tenths and hundredths by using her knowledge of multiplication to help her. Hollie has worked particularly hard this week focusing on short multiplication which she is going to begin applying in her maths work.

This week Horrell enjoyed their first swimming lesson in which all of the children were fantastic! Katelyn and Felicity were particularly proud of their confidence in the water and wish to develop this further over the week.

Alfie has worked really well practicing his three times tables, well done Alfie!

Star of the week this week goes to ……Hollie for always trying her best and taking responsibility for her work.

We hope you have also had a lovely weekend






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