Trip Advice on Narnia

Charlotte has enjoyed working in a group to create a Trip Advisor report on Mr Tumnus’ cafe.

Will , Luella and hope enjoyed sketching Aslan, and they used various shading techniques such as hatching and cross hatching.

Leah had fun creating her own map of Narnia and included some great information and detail

Poppy is incredibly proud of the middle swimming group for swimming 2 lengths on Thursday. They all tried really hard to get to the end without putting their feet down.

Finley, Ellouise, Kiera and Nicola enjoyed collecting the brick off the bottom of thre pool in the deep end . Very impressive.

Rayne is proud of everyone that jumped in the deep end of the pool on Thursday

Faith thought that everyone showed a lot of resilience in maths today solving fraction of amount problems. They were very tricky!

Star of the week this week goes to  Callum for showing great resilience with his work all week and trying really hard to sound out his words when writing

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