Would I lie to you…?

In Year 6 we have been looking at the Shang Dynasty and the reliability of historical sources.  Today, in teams, we researched Shang Kings and then had to present 2 real Kings and one made up one.  We made up a King based on what we knew about the real ones.  After each group presented their 3 kings, the class voted to show which one they thought was the fake.

The most convincing team, with the least votes for their fake King was Lily, Kavan, Hammond and Victoria – well done you four!

I’m proud of the four that won, they did really well   Chloe A

Great disguising, well done.  Poppy W

I really enjoyed making up a King and with my team we came up with a plan to disguise the fake one.  We weren’t convincing enough to beat the other though!  Lando

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