Showing off our skills!

I was so proud of you all last week. As you know we had a special visitor in school, and as usual we were able to show her just how we live our Windmill values. It was business as usual!

We also had our science enquiry day which was great fun. Making craters in flour was messy but there was lots of learning about fair tests, and some great hypothesising! I was particularly proud of how you worked as a team in this lesson, sharing resources and ideas like real scientists.

This week we will be showing off our learning again when we practise in our Mock SAT tests. We know we will smash it!

Try and find some biographies to read so that you are ready to write one in your hot write next week. Make some notes of key facts and you can use these when you write. You can choose anyone as long as they are a suitable role model.

Mrs T 🙂 #teamtravssmashSATs


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