Getting back into Groovy learning!

This is a blog takeover! Mrs Travers has asked us to write our class blog, so we have given her a rest!

What an amazing, learning packed couple of weeks it has been. A great start to 2019. We kicked off the term by solving a ‘crime’ on our WOW day, which meant that we were Forensic scientists and Police Officers for the day with the help of PC Butter. We bagged up evidence and wore special gloves. We loved it!

Our football team played in an exciting tournament at Goals in Northampton. We got to the quarter finals where we were finally defeated 6-1.  Well done to the Squad!

We have also been using our mathematical minds to solve problems with decimals. We are working hard on multiplying decimals.

Here is a video that might help us explain to you, our grown ups,  how to do this:


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