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Home learning provides crucial support for learning in school and we work in partnership with parents to ensure that homework is relevant, useful, manageable and also engaging and enjoyable. As well as helping children to embed key facts and skills, home learning is a great opportunity for children to share the amazing work they have been doing in school with their grown-ups at home.

Home Learning as practice of key skills

Practice of key skills at home need only take a few minutes a day but the impact it have on progress is huge. As a minimum we ask that children have the opportunity to complete the following at home each week.

  • Reading at least three times a week. Children can practice and share their reading by reading out loud to an adult, or as children become more confident, they can record themselves in Reading Journals and maybe just explain key points about their independent reading to an adult. Time when an adult reads to a child is also crucial to promote a love of books. We have a subscription to and, which have a range of e-books for children to read online. Part of the Reading Buddy subscription includes a quiz; your child’s class teacher will monitor how well they are doing on the quizz
  • Number fact learning at least three times a week. Again this will vary depending on the age of the child but could include practice counting in 2s, 5s and 10s in Key Stage 1, or could be learning timestables in Key Stage 2.
  • Regular practice of spellings. Spellings are sent home weekly to practice.  

Home Learning as enrichment

In addition to the practice of key skills, children also have the opportunity to choose a task each week from the Home Learning Grid in their Home Learning Books. Tasks vary from simple 1 point tasks ideal when time is tight over a week, to 5 point tasks which will take more time and provide children with an opportunity to show their creativity around the learning for the term.

Please click on the side bar to view the Home Learning Grid for each year group or click on button below to go to the Home Learning Page.

Home Learning Resources

Feel free to contact your child’s Class Teacher if you have any questions regarding Home Learning.

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