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Curriculum Key Information

The Windmill Community

Our community is very important to us and our curriculum here at Windmill Primary. Parents will regularly be invited to and involved in curriculum events, and will be informed about what’s happening with their child’s learning through our curriculum newsletter.

The School Day

A typical school day will include maths learning, English learning, theme-linked learning and a range of opportunities to develop other skills.

Each day begins at 8.45am, where the pupils begin their learning immediately with morning work activities. If our pupils are in their classroom and learning by 8.55am, they will qualify for an ‘Earlybird’ mark.

The ‘Earlybird Award’

To encourage children/parents to arrive at school on time, we have very successfully introduced the ‘Earlybird Award’. The concept is simple; children need to be in their classes, ready to learn (carrying out their Quick 10 work or Bright Ideas morning work) by 8.55am every day. The children can trade their marks for small prizes, or save up for something bigger (for example, lunch with the Head and Deputy).

Quick 10 and Bright Ideas

Quick 10 is a maths-based activity where pupils are given 10 real-life maths problems to attempt. These will gradually get more difficult as the week progresses.

Bright Ideas is a science concept. Pupils are given deep thinking questions to consider, where they have to use scientific enquiry skills to come up with answers and reasons.

Core, Challenge and Extension

We like to encourage our pupils to take charge of their own learning. Through adopting an approach to success criteria using Core criteria, Challenge criteria and Extension criteria, our pupils are able to pitch in to the learning at the level that best suits them. This breeds independence and also an intrinsic motivation to improve.

Independent Learning Time

To promote independence, there will be regular occasions throughout the school week where children will access independent learning opportunities. Children will access a range of learning opportunities (art-linked, geography-linked, history-linked etc.) that have been set up to allow children to develop their independent learning skills.

Science Enquiry Days

Each term, pupils will take part in a designated Science Enquiry Day. These days allow our pupils to develop their scientific enquiry skills.

Maths & Maths Missions

We believe that it is vital that our pupils are exposed to mathematical problems and challenges across our curriculum. We plan in maths-links where possible, to ensure that our pupils understand that maths is all around us.

Each term, pupils will take part in a designated Maths Mission Day. These days allow our pupils to develop their mathematical enquiry and problem solving skills.


We are always on the lookout for inspirational individuals who would be willing to come and lead a whole school assembly. We believe that this is important, because we want our pupils to leave our school wiser, better, more fulfilled and with greater opportunities and choices in every area of their lives. Through inviting in inspirational people from different areas of society, we hope to promote those possibilities and aspirations of our pupils.

Outdoor Learning

Here at Windmill, we are very fortunate to have such a large expanse of wonderful grounds. We aim to utilise outdoor spaces as much as possible, including our garden areas, wildlife areas and pond to enable pupils to experience and observe natural phenomena and look more closely at the natural and human-constructed world around them.  Playing and learning outdoors not only improves physical fitness but motivates children to enquire and develop their skills as scientists, geographers and good citizens within a community.


At least 2 themes per year will have an enterprise element to them, allowing our pupils to improve their economic and financial understanding.

Homework and enrichment

At Windmill Primary School we recognise the important role that parents and carers play in their child’s education. We value the impact that this support can have on a child’s attainment and progress and are working to ensure that homework is both beneficial and a positive experience. We will encourage our children to enrich their learning further by completing a grid of homework tasks each term, that focus on a range of learning skills.

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