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At Windmill, we strongly believe that learning to read is paramount. Being able to read confidently is a life skill and we expect children to be reading at least 3 times a week alongside an adult who can support and question their understanding of the text.


One of the first stages of learning to read is for children to recognise the sound that individual or groups of letters make. We don't teach the name of letters to begin with, only the sound. Children learn to say each of the sounds in a word and then 'squeeze' or 'blend' them together to read the entire word.

Read Write Inc Phonics

At Windmill Primary school, we follow the Read Write Inc. scheme when teaching our phonics lessons. The children learn how to decode and blend words as well as spelling words containing taught graphemes. The sounds we teach are split into 3 sets. Here they are:

Set 1








Set 2/3








They then read books at the level at which they are being taught. Books then go home for children to share with their families in order to practise and consolidate their learning. You can find out more about the scheme at the Ruth Miskin Read Write Inc website: There is also a YouTube channel, which has videos for teaching various sounds (there is a link for this on the Read Write Inc website).

You can also support your child(ren) further by using some of the games on the Phonics Play website.


If you have any questions about phonics, please speak to your child's class teacher, or contact our phonics lead, Miss Hanzlik.

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