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At Windmill Primary, we believe the assessment of children is essential in planning the progression of each child’s individual learning. Teachers continually assess work and set targets for children to move them forward. Records of all pupils’ progress are regularly updated. 

Throughout school, children’s work is marked in a consistent scheme following a clear Feedback Policy. The purpose of this Feedback Policy is to inform staff of a child’s progress and to provide children immediate feedback about their current work and what they can do to progress in the future.

Children are encouraged to assess their own work and to know and understand next steps, which will take their learning forward. We have a clear Assessment Policy in school, underpinned by teacher knowledge of children as individuals and ongoing teacher assessments. We use an on-going assessment tool in the classroom, which links directly to the National Curriuclum progress indicators, and also track each child’s progress at least three times a year formally to ensure we fully meet his/her needs.  Your child will be supported and encouraged in order to reach their full potential in every area of their learning.  

As part of the current requirements of the National Curriculum, a Baseline assessment is completed at the start of Reception and the Foundation Stage Profile is completed at the end of the Reception Year.  Children in Year 1 complete a Phonics Assessment and children are assessed by Standard Assessment Tests (SATs) and a formal Teacher Assessment in Year 2 and Year 6.

Attainment and Progress is shared with pupils and parents/carers at Pupil Learning Conferences (PLCs) and a final attainment and progress review is detailed in the end of year report.  Every child will receive a snapshot report at PLCs and these also have their current strengths, development areas and attainment levels.

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