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Relationships and Behaviour at Windmill Primary

  • At Windmill Primary School, our main system for rewarding pupils who uphold our values and demonstrate our expected learning behaviours is Golden Time. This is a designated 30 minute period of time each week that the whole school is entitled to.

    • At the start of a week every pupil has an entitlement of 30 minutes reward time (Golden Time - GT), which will be awarded on a Friday afternoon, if they uphold our values and meet expectations.  This is an activity that the children have chosen.
    • On a Monday morning, pupils will decide what they would like to do during their GT from a choice of activities. These are then set for the week. 
    • Through the week pupils’ behaviour is managed using the following procedure:
      • Each session is a fresh start for all pupils
      • Constant reminding of our school’s values and expectations
      • Modelling of expected behaviours by all adults in school

    If pupils are not upholding our values or meeting our expectations, then the following system must be applied in order: 

    • The Behaviour Toolkit is applied and a reminder of expectation given.
    • Encouragement to change their behaviour, distraction tactics etc.
    • A verbal and visual recognition that they need to ‘Think about their options…and make the right choice’.
    • 5 minutes of GT is taken away –(this can never be earned back) 
    • Time out from class with their work (Pupil is moved to an alternative class within their Phase by the Class Teacher (CT) - this is for a limited amount of time (approx. 10 mins)). At the end of this time, the expectation is that the pupil will return to class with the minimum amount of disruption to the learning.  The Phase Leader (PL) will talk to the pupil at an appropriate time and discuss moving forward with their behaviour choices.
    • A member of SLT will be called for to make a decision on next steps for behaviour management and appropriate consequences
    • GT will be held every Friday at 2:30pm across the school
    • At the end of the week any pupil who has lost ‘GT’ will have to attend a designated place (KS1 Library) with a Loss of Golden Time record sheet that outlines how much GT they have lost and the reasons for this. A member of the SLT will conduct the loss of GT with the pupils
    • Pupils will only ever lose GT in 5 minute intervals per lesson
    • A graded system is also in place for pupils who lose certain amounts of GT through the week. It is imperative that parents/carers are informed when a pupil has:
    1. 10 minutes of GT lost – CT needs to see the PL at the next available non-teaching time and the PL will see the pupil. Parents/Carers will be informed via Parent Mail (see appendix v) or through a phone call/verbally on the playground.
    2. 20 minutes of GT lost – CT needs to see SLT at the next available non-teaching time and then SLT will see the pupil. Parents/Carers will be informed via Parent Mail (see appendix v) or through a phone call/verbally on the playground.
    3. 30 minutes of GT lost – CT needs to see the Principal at the next available non-teaching time and then the Principal will see the pupil. Parents/Carers will be informed through phone call/ verbally on the playground and a meeting called with the parent, CT and PL.
    • A minority of pupils may need the system to be reversed – this can only be done in discussion with SLT and may form part of their Behaviour Management Plan.

    Please note: Some behaviours may need to receive an immediate consequence e.g. time out away from class (this should be 10 minutes max), loss of break or lunch-time. These will be decided on by the CT who is responsible for pupil behaviour. The CT may wish to discuss this with PL or SLT.

    If anti-social, disruptive or aggressive behaviour is frequent, sanctions alone are ineffective. In such cases careful evaluation of the curriculum on offer, classroom organisation and management, and whole school procedures should take place to eliminate these as contributory factors. Additional specialist help and advice from the Educational Psychologist or other outside agencies may be necessary. This possibility should be discussed with the Principal.

    The school reserves the right to use both internal and external exclusion as a last resort or in the case of extreme misdemeanours (see the school’s Exclusions Policy).


The pupils love the Golden Time concept and behaviour in school is excellent as a result. If you have any questions about our behaviour system then please email us by clicking here.

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