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It’s nearly Christmas, but we’ve got plenty of work to do! Hi Everyone, With Christmas rapidly approaching, we’ve still got plenty of work to do in Knighton. Well done to…
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  • Strong Leadership and Management.

    Leaders have established a culture in which relationships are positive and teaching can flourish.

  • Pupils behave well and rightly feel safe in the academy.

    They are aware of how much the academy has improved and is helping them make better progress.

  • The curriculum is good.

    It promotes pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development and their awareness of British values well.

  • Provision in the early years is good.

    Children make good progress... so that children are prepared well for the move to Year 1.

Windmill Primary School - the place to learn, grow and develop

logoMr Coleman welcomes you to Windmill Primary School's Website...

We are pleased to welcome you to our website and hope that it enables you to learn a little about us and provide you with the information that you are searching for.

"Our vision and purpose is to raise a generation of children who grow, learn, dream and become fulfilled beyond all expectations safely and enable children to leave our school wiser, better, more fulfilled and with greater opportunities and choices in every area of their lives than previous generations."

We are proud to be part of the Nene Education Trust.

We have an unrelenting focus on every child as an individual. Our drive to secure the best Environment, Culture and Ethos within our school and curriculum here at Windmill provides the foundation for our success. Getting the environment right for the children to learn, flourish and be successful as individuals; promoting a culture of ambition, respect and resilience and pushing an ethos of success, celebration and overall awesomeness!

Should you require hard copies of anything from our website information, please ask and we'll happilly provide this for you.

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Ofsted Quotes

We are family. We are one.

  • My class are a unique bunch of individuals growing in confidence and developing independence. Lively, funny and loud children with inquisitive minds. Eager to learn and make me smile!

    Teacher, 2018
  • My class is enthusiastic to share. A group of individuals that come together every day and create a noisy, supportive, bubbly and fun team who make each other laugh and they always think of each other.

    Teacher, 2018
  • The class is full of individuals keen to learn. Each is allowed to develop their own character.

    HLTA, 2018
  • My class is varied, excitable, imaginative and friendly. They are reactive to situations and their personalities always shine through!

    Teacher, 2018
  • A caring, fun-loving group of individuals who willingly help and support each other to learn.

    Teacher, 2018
  • A caring, fun-loving group of individuals who willingly help and support each other to learn.

    Teacher, 2018
  • The children in our class are hardworking, enthusiastic and caring. They like to work practically and love sharing what they have done.

    Teacher, 2018
  • We are a mixed group of amazing children. Some lively, some shy, some a little bit crazy…but all together we fit in and thrive.

    Teacher, 2018
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